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Friday, January 30, 2009

Flight to Fantasy:Prime Focus ( Part of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Portfolio)

It took the filmmakers of Chandni Chowk To China and the Prime Focus ( Part of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala Holdings) team one and a half years to complete work on all the 1000 shots in the film. VFX supervisor and creative director, Prime Focus, Merzin Tavaria details

Chandini Chowk To China is being the first Warner Brothers film in Hindi. How different is it from the others?

Chandini Chowk To China (CC2C) was very special to us, as it the first Bollywood film to be distributed by Warner Bros and the first Indian production to be shot in China. The movie is the first film in Indian VFX history to follow the correct process of being broken down scene-by-scene almost six months before the VFX work began. With over 1000 VFX shots to deliver in a two-month timeframe, the movie was worked on by around 150 artists spread across India, with shots and sequences being delivered simultaneously by Prime Focus artists in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Goa.

What went into the planning stages of the movie? What brief did you receive from the director?

To achieve the quality and quantity of visual effects within the timeframe this film required a lot of planning. Our primary task was to make every sequence as realistic as possible. As I mentioned, we started planning for the movie with director Nikhil Advani, well before the movie was shot. We were able to come up with solutions and suggestions to make the shots better. Normally, people shoot the film and then send it for post-production. CC2C, however, was planned in the right way, breaking up the story scene-by-scene.

How different are the VFX in Chandni Chowk To China?

The kind of VFX shots in the movie are very varied. There were some scenes which required a “hyper-real” style (realistic looking but improbable shots) which we developed with the director. In one song sequence, the lead actors jump off a building in Shanghai and fly through the sky with the Shanghai skyline behind them. For this shot to work, we had to build the entire skyline in 3D, which was a complex task. We worked tirelessly to ensure that we were able to deliver on he director’s brief and we greatly appreciate the support we received from him.

Give us an account of some of the important shots in the movie.

The opening of the film has a shot of outer space as we descend to Earth and start seeing the Great Wall of China. This is a very realistic shot and had to be totally believable. Followed by that, is a shot where we travel from a bird’s eye view over New Delhi to Rajpath and India Gate. This is a part of the story telling process and had to be an invisible effect.

In the climax Akshay is supposed to move so fast that he builds up a dust storm around him. This was a fun sequence, as it’s all in the real space but it’s that little-extra which makes it hyper real.

Then, a nice little touch from Nikhil was of having an angel and devil as alter-egos of Ranvir Shorey, who appear on the actor’s shoulders everytime he is scheming. The end result has turned out very nice. The miniature shoot of the characters was quite an experience. They were shot to scale in an indoor studio and we composited them live on set to show the director, the complete effect of the performance. Besides this, being an action film there were loads of wire removal and other clean up jobs. There were quite a few compositing shots as well that are totally seamless. A lot of the work gone into the film will be totally invisible.

Tell us about the production schedule and the team involved.

The production kicked off more than four months before release but the bulk of the work after edit lock only started coming two months before release. That’s when we were hit by more than 800 shots. Close to 150 artists have worked on this at one point or the other, as all shots and sequences had to be delivered simultaneously.

Tell us about the challenges you faced while working on the movie?

The challenges as in any big VFX-heavy film is always that you may be doing quite a few things for the very first time. But that’s the thrill of it. Perhaps the most challenging sequence in the movie for Prime Focus was a jetty fight sequence, which sees the main character using a special Kung-fu move called the “Cosmic Kick”.

This causes a huge tidal wave to shoot up out of the water to more than 100 feet in the air - all created by the Prime Focus CG experts. This was a very challenging sequence, involving some complex particle dynamics. We are very happy with what we achieved here and think that the end result speaks for itself.

As per Dec08 share holding pattern of the PRIME FOCUS, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala continues to hold 2,50.000 and 6,32,500 shares in the name of Jhunjhunwala Rakesh Radheshyam and Jhunjhunwala Rekha Rakesh.

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